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Welcome Back Daisy

posted Mar 27, 2012 00:50:44 by Hall_Mountain
Two years ago, some fellows from down around Lynchburg came to our kennel to purchase a started female and maybe a puppy. At that time, we had two other females that we were just getting lightly started out of an Annie-Lucky cross. Their names were Dora and Snow. We had planned to start both females to see which one would be better. While these fellows were visiting our kennel, they stated they liked the looks of the female we called Snow and asked if she was for sale. When the smoke cleared, these fellows left with the started female they came for, I think they also took a pup, and Snow left as well. Well, Snow, now called Daisy, turned out to be an outstanding dog, but too fast for their pack. We headed down to Lynchburg this past Saturday and got to run Daisy in some pouring down rain. She was outstanding! Long story short, she is back home in our kennel and we are very excited. Daisy and our Spot male are going to be dogs to watch out for.
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