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A Sad Week at Hall Mountain Rabbit Beagles

posted Feb 17, 2012 00:27:22 by Hall_Mountain
Our Goosie female went into labor four days early this week. She delivered six very small puppies, then ran into trouble. I got her to the vet and found out she had two large puppies stuck inside her. The vet was able to get them out and with some heavy antibiotics it looks like Goosie is going to be okay. Sadly, only two of the six puppies have made it so far. It's a real shame as a had a long list of people wanting pups from this litter. I'm going to need time to decide what Hunter and I are going to do to be fair to those on the waiting list. Within the next week I'll send out personal emails notifying those on the waiting list how we plan to handle this situation. I will try to be as fair as possible.
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